“…Alison Luke can give you a killer postnatal massage with you on your back, side, and probably even hanging from the ceiling.  Alison is one of those massage therapists who has truly found her calling. As a mom of three girls and a doula she understands the special needs of pregnant women and new moms. Alison truly practices massage therapy. She knows that breastfeeding neck is real and I swear has special magnets in her fingers to find all the teeny tiny muscles it effects…” read more ~ Stephanie Volkoff-Green, “The Breeders” Blog on Alameda Patch

“Alison has an intuition like no other. She really listens, while I describe my pains, but then it seems she’s listening from her core when the work begins.” ~ Patrice, Alameda Studio Time

“Alison has a very soothing touch and a caring manner.” ~ Jessica

“Alison is just great. Her ability to cater to my needs is astounding. I feel so relaxed afterward, sometimes I can’t remember my name!” ~ Ellen, Womb Service

“I want to live on her table. She has the best hands I’ve ever known.” ~ Lisa

“Hire her. Just do it. You won’t regret a second of it.” ~ Ruby, Ruby’s Tumbling

“One of the best things about Alison’s work is that she is very aware of what is going on with my body. I can tell that she isn’t just ‘going through the motions’ like so many of the therapists tend to. I’ve tried quite a few different therapists before Alison and she is, without a doubt, the best!” ~ Peter

“Alison Luke has done wonders for my fifty-year-old body. She gives a very thorough massage from head to toe. She is always reliable and her work is intuitive and healing.” ~ Marcie, marciebrown.com